Gold Endorsed by Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce

I’m pleased to be endorsed by jobs creators like the chambers of commerce all over California,” said Ron Gold GOP AG nominee. WOODLAND HILLS, CA – September 23, 2014. The Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee has endorsed Ron Gold for Attorney General of California. Gold is a former Deputy Attorney General and […]

Gold Opposes Prop 46

WOODLAND HILLS, CA – September 22, 2014. Ron Gold is strongly opposed to a ballot measure claiming to protect the public from drug abusing doctors when its real purpose is a pay raise for trial lawyers. Prop 46 changes a long-standing cap on punitive awards for medical malpractice. “We oppose increasing the caps on pain […]

Gold Challenges Harris to Debates


Choose your time, your place, and your sponsor, I’ll be there! WOODLAND HILLS, CALIFORNIA—September 17, 2014. In a Field Poll close to only single digits behind the sitting Attorney General Kalama Harris, Ron Gold has challenged Harris to debates. “Let’s discuss the issues, let’s debate, and let’s have a real contest. It’s called an election. […]