Gold Challenges Harris to Debates


Choose your time, your place, and your sponsor, I’ll be there! WOODLAND HILLS, CALIFORNIA—September 17, 2014. In a Field Poll close to only single digits behind the sitting Attorney General Kalama Harris, Ron Gold has challenged Harris to debates. “Let’s discuss the issues, let’s debate, and let’s have a real contest. It’s called an election. […]

Field Poll: Kamala Harris Fails to Excite Voters

WOODLAND HILLS, CALIFORNIA – September 16, 2014. The race for Attorney General of California is getting interesting. The respected Field Poll shows only a twelve point spread between media maven sitting incumbent Kamala Harris against a political unknown Ron Gold the GOP nominee, 49% to 37%. Only one Republican, Pete Peterson is closer to his […]

Union Pensions Win, Homeowners Lose in “Victory” Against Banks – Updated

WOODLAND HILLS, September 1, 2014. Perhaps the biggest winners in the largely tax-deductible $16.5 billion U.S. Department of Justice’s recent settlement against Bank of American was B of A itself, public employee pension funds, state bureaucrats and political hacks. Attorney General Kamala Harris declared the settlement “brings help to hard-pressed homeowners and communities in California.” […]